Babel Fish Restaurant


Horse mackerel, gobies, and flounder – the Black Sea fish cooked in the best traditions of the “Sea Pearl” is now at the heart of the city – at Grecheskaya Street, 5 in Babel Fish Restaurant.


The place is very young, but its creation involved such people as the legendary architect Yuri Belikov, the sculptor and the Honored Artist of Ukraine Mikhail Reva and a team of ZEBRA restaurant.


Babel Fish is thought out to the last detail.
The clear ergonomic space, comfortable seats, textiles and lighting, frager and utensils, and incredible paintings decorate the hall. This place makes one to look at Odessa in a new way. It eliminates stereotypes of the old communal apartments and speech inherent in Odessa. The only thing remains unchanged – its cuisine. The symbiosis of the modern interior and recipes of “grandmothers, aunts and neighbors,” modified by professionals are the innovation in the restaurant world.


Live music and lyrical, emotional and delightful sound give a true delight to each guest, without exception. You can’t even imagine how it is pleasant to have delicious dinner accompanied by sensual piano! The atmosphere of serenity, lightness and ease – this is how you can describe Babel Fish restaurant – fine dinner, good company and live music.


We would like to draw attention to the restaurant name.
Babel Fish is not borrowed from Europeans: it carries a special philosophy. “A dreamer with a big appetite” - the Odessa writer Isaac Babel sued to call himself. As for the fish, it is everywhere, in every house and on every table. In the city by the sea each family has its own recipes, share them, trying to surprise guests.


However, it is far more pleasant to spend an evening not at the stove, but in a circle of friends in a cozy, warm, real Odessa place, especially when favorite dishes for which people come to Odessa from Kiev and Moscow, St. Petersburg and Alma-Ata, from Tel-Air and San Francisco are on the table.


Homemade pickles, pate of rabbit liver, Black Sea sprats with green onions and boiled potatoes, Odessa meat dish, pancakes of caviar, fish meatballs, zucchini and fried eggplants, Olivier salad and dressed herring are a standard set of cold dishes of every Odessa housewife. If you add gefilte fish, mashed potatoes with hashed meat or herring, and hot fried or baked flounder and game meat or veal, the only thing you will need to do is to order a glass of your favorite wine.


By the way, it will be possible to taste the real Odessa cuisine in Kiev and Moscow soon. A network of conceptual restaurants Babel Fish with the right Odessa cuisine expands. Metropolitan residents are lucky because the “delicious” Odessa is always there.